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.Program Description
    To address customer needs in a complex business environment, the day-to-day sales activities of close interpersonal engagements and strong tactical selling skills remain essential, but not enough. Highly visible corporate deals require another phase of selling skills to better prepare a sales person, and Sales Process Planning (SPP) covers the key elements in winning such business opportunities.

.Program Objectives
    This program enables the participants to:
    • Properly identify the right opportunity to pursue, thereby enhancing the win ratio
    • Shorten selling cycle and build confidence to achieve sales target
    • Create competitive advantage through delivering clear and unique value to customer business
    • Efficiently utilize available resources and avoid unnecessary resource consumption and revenue discount to minimize cost of sales
    • Walk away from low profit, high cost and high risk projects
    • Prepare practical sales activities to address the right issues at the right time to win the opportunity and maintain close relationship with customer
    • Build a common understanding and share a common language within the sales team so as to establish the best practices of a structured sales process within the sales organization

.Program Topics
    The program covers the following:
    • Understanding the impact of a complex sales opportunity to a corporate customer account
    • Addressing the importance of proper qualification process of a sales opportunity
    • Evaluating customer requirement to ascertain that the proposed offerings have the competitive advantage that is valued by the customer
    • Analyzing competitive situation and determining the right strategy to win
    • Studying the political environment within the customer organization to establish a winning position
    • Mapping the political contour of customer organization to identify the key decision makers and select desirable relationship strategies to align with them
    • Defining the key elements that form an effective sales activity that fully utilizes the available resource and achieve the objective
    • Introducing simple but powerful sales process planning tools to help reinforce the application of the methodology put forward in the program

.Program Length
    Two (2) days

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